So I went out and bought alcohol for hmmm well today is Yule but am providing sustenance for American roleplayers on the 25th….whatchamacallit. (Am making my Dads/Aunty Kathys peppermint liqueur) and I couldn’t resist when I saw a bottle of Midori! Now I discovered Midori at uni when my sister and I were in the habit of doing a Rainbow Barcrawl from Grad up to County (nine bars). At Graduate bar we got to know that the barman was very proud of his ability to float red after shock on blue. It was a great barcrawl…in any case our Green was Midori which was available at Pendle and at Furness. We figured out that it was Melon but we hadn’t a clue what Midori meant…well now I know for it is Japanese for GREEN!

Which made me smile. In any case I have a bottle of Midori…hurrah! And you’ll never guess what! But at the checkout they asked for my ID Card! Haha! Yes I am over twenty and I can buy alcohol. Wow I got ID’d!

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