Mountains, Motorway, Moon

I left Skimble’s house today to go and pick up the Jellicle Cat from the Airport, we’ve been buggering around all day just messing about a bit, shopping and stuff and are now sitting down to watch Die Hard with the Tenessee Marshmellow before getting on a train ridiculously early tommorrow.

Oh but driving over here through the Mountains was fantastic. We sped along the motorway (you have to pay for that over here) and Skimble was really motoring; of course we put the Pirates soundtrack on so that just encourages her! Ba da ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba da ba… etc. etc.

The moon was high and full over Fuji, the mountains were dark and rugged against the clear sky and the stars pricked the darkness with holes of light. And we sped along beneath along the motorway…

Tommorrow I see my boyfriend and I am unbelievably happy about this.

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