A Good Day

Today the Jellicle Cat and I went into Tokyo. The museum that I had intended to take him to was shut…so were several others; was there a National Holiday no one told me about?
However we wandered through the Tokyo School of music by accident, the Jellicle making several highly inappropriate TAPS references as we did so! (I felt like an extra from Withnail and I) We got accused of being American by random Japanese people as we wandered through a Shodo exhibit; as I was about to pay for my ticket this random woman came up and gave me a free one….umm that was really really nice and completely bizarre. Hurray for human nature!

We also walked through lots of gardens which were really, really lovely and through this greenhouse with many strange and bizarre Cthuhloid growths in it. The Jellicle Cat made many mews of happiness and took lots of photos. Some for his game and some for My Favourite Uncle.

In the Zoological Gardens Indonesian men took photos of themselves with us; I’m beginning to get used to this now. The Jellicle thought it was some sort of confidence trick and that they were after our wallets but no, we were Westerners and that meant they wanted proof of our existence…the colour of my skin, the features of my face art some sort of cause for celebrity? As Skimble says sometimes people are very very WIERD!

Also I went to the Tosho-gu shrine and made offerings and a wish for the New Year. It was good fun and I felt all spiritual…doesn’t that make me sound like a dippy hippy chick.

It was a fucking cold walk back form the station despite there being no snow anywhere in Tokyo (which is bizarre as we are surrounded by the stuff!) Argh! I am fed up of not having the right software on my machine (THANK FUCK for the generosity of the Yellow Dart who let me leave my software on the machine I leant him) basically the CD writing of my stuff and the copy of the CD both fucked up and I have not my photo editing or web editing stuff which is driving me slowly mad! I really want to post some of the photos from today but alas cannot. Will do come February at the latest…also have cool ideas for this site….oh so many cool ideas.

8 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. People? Weird? In Japan? Naaah! (innocent whistle) Cause every country has people doing unexplainable acts or unexplainable reasons….
    Ok, so maybe the onsen version of red light/ green light with the master perv grabbing his opponents’ genitalia isn’t what you would define as "normal"….

  2. Oops, posted that before I meant to. It’s either hopelessly silly and frightfully kitsch, or a scary anti-woman vagina dentata myth.

  3. Christ, no wonder Japan’s screwed up when it comes to sexuality…

    Cool festival though. Why don’t we have anything like that here? This country’s fucked up as all anything about sex as well.

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