Private Messages?

Oh dear. Oops. I only just discovered I can get private messages from my guestbook…why oh why didn’t they email…discovered a rather nice business proposition from two years ago!!!!Oh dear.

10 thoughts on “Private Messages?

  1. "Intriguing" is probably the word I’d have gone for. Possibly also "puzzling". Is this to sell the raincoats?

  2. No, I think we can safely say that people would not be buying the raincoats. Unless there was a very specialised shop on the site, I suppose.

    Or perhaps I’ve spent too much time online and Mish is in fact the archetypal raincoat model and Barbour are headhunting her.

  3. Bear in mind I work in Net advertising at the moment. And I’m here to tell you that yes, Internet people are weird enough for this NOT to be porn.

  4. I will leave that to your…(insert appropriate adjective here) imagination Archie. But no, a cashmere sweater was not mentioned… 🙂

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