Oh what a strange year this is shaping up to be and what a good one.

I got the final paperwork into the Board of Education today, I made my decision monthes ago I guess but for some reason the paper had sat on my desk and stared at me. And now it’s in and I’m staying and it looks like whatever trip I’m on I’ll be going back to Lancaster at some point. Barring tragic chopstick accidents I’m flying on the strangest trip I never imagined and it feels so good. Theres so much gold above the clouds.

Now for the first time in ages it seems like everything is going right and that its not just me making the best of things or saying that everything that could be going right is. I mean everything!

(Oh yep, it’s still Mish in here…I wrote this and touched wood!)

9 thoughts on “Sorted

  1. "Barring tragic chopstick accidents" why are you quoting Giggles diary – or is this some strange cutlery coincidence

  2. Does this mean your staying in the land of the rising sun or you are coming back to the land of the sodding rain? if you happen to be back in the sodding rain this weekend (unlikely i know) you are more than welcome to come to our engagement party

  3. Hey long time no see Giggles! Yep I will hopefully be visiting in May. But I haven’t been guaranteed the time off yet! STILL crossing fingers!

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