No Words

During second period today one of the second years tried to jump from the external ledge of the second floor. This being British reckoning, to the Japanese and Americans he tried to jump from the third floor. I was left to teach with the part time English teacher whilst Ping Pong Lady and the Mountaineer went to talk him down. This time last year thats exactly what one of the second years tried and succeeded in doing. The body was found between the two buildings by a BOE employee, the man who met me at the Prefectural Office. My lessons have all been with the second year on the second floor today.

7 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Just ’cause you don’t post very much, doesn’t mean others don’t. And it’s not as though the likes of me who were idiotic enough not to get to know Mish before she left have any other way of relating to her. Sorry to seem like I’m pouring pressure on you, Mish 🙁

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