An explanation

So when I have a crush on a guy I flirt outrageously until I’m sure of their reaction happy that I’m flirting/ not happy that I’m flirting.

When I have a crush on a girl I keep quiet until I’m sure of their sexuality, it’s various shades of ‘so I’m bisexual, are you?’ encased in whatever level of subtlety I’m capable of at the time. And I keep quiet because that way you avoid the horrible straight girl response of ‘argh she’s a lesbian HELP!’ it’s not because I feel ashamed of having a crush or because it’s particularly serious I’d just rather people, well girls anyway, weren’t made to feel uncomfortable.

Today I remembered just how crushy I can get… At school I really fancied this straight girl…well she was going out with a guy we both thought she was straight at the time (she came out when she got to uni) so I made her a cake. A black forest gateux, cream, chocolate, the works…this then meant that I had to make my entire English class a cake for their birthday too since then she wouldn’t notice that I’d made her a cake especially…um yeah right! Well today I saw the Louisianna Horesrace for the first time in ages, learnt it was her birthday and did a quick mildly nice design of her name in runes on a table napkin (we were at the pub quiz in Otsuki this evening). And then comes the giving it to her, and she thinks its so sweet, and clasps my hand in that way that she does which makes me go ‘ooh you have nice eyes’ and then I wander off and wonder how long before the very lovely straight girl notices I blush when I talk to her, give her total cow eyes and am generally a total imbecile in her company. Hopefully I will be able to put this down to being a total imbecile…um…maybe…

In other news Skimble and I spent this afternoon playing Go.
I have also learnt what cute noises a Sugar Glider makes. Can you believe that they sell hedgehogs as pets over here? I mean their nocturnal…and well…wild animals….um and spiky, well soft if you stroke them in the right direction I guess. But they don’t seem right as pets to me.Pets shops in this country! Honestly you start looking at hamsters and end up with some flying marsupial…ah well c’est la vie!

And no I do not have a pet before anyone asks. I have allergies!

4 thoughts on “An explanation

  1. yeah. Wait a minute. Why is it always the flirter that is at fault. Why is the flirtee not equally responsible for picking up on the word-salad coming out of the flirters mouths and then doing something about it??!!!??

    Me: Hey, do you wanna, um, you know, ha ha

    them: (wait a minute. Thats word salad coming outta his mouth. Better do something about that) Hey. Do you wanna go for a coffee

    sorry. long standing rant. You set it off again…..

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