I want Carrie Ford to win the bloody National now! And to be quite honest Forest Gunner is not looking a bad horse to back (still don’t like the trainer). However McCain described her as a ‘broodmare’ the other day (and she’s won races soon after giving birth so I’m not sure why having children is an insult!) and not a suitable jockey to win the National. How precisely can he get away with that sort of sexism?

I’m pissed off…and I am not backing Ford because of my reaction to sexism…Still fancy Gifford’s Joly Bey. I think he’s still at 16-1, not bad odds. However I’m avoiding Amberleigh House just because of Mcain. I don’t honestly think he’ll do it again…probably, I don’t think he’ll like the length.

I know I said I prefered Whereareyounow from Twiston-Davies lot but I might be changing back again to Baron Windrush…he isn’t a bad horse when all’s said and done…of course with my record he might end up another Bindaree for me (the horse that wins only when I don’t bet on it!)

Hmmm on the whole I’m a Joly Bey sort of girl, despite the feminist ‘you go girl’ to Carrie Ford.

4 thoughts on “Grrr

  1. I’m sorry, was mr Oven Chip, describing a horse as a ‘broodmare’ or a human? You’re not very clear. Both species in the world of equestrianism have sily names so its hard to tell.

  2. Sorry Jason Carrie Ford is the Jockey, I would have no objection to the man describing a horse as a ‘broodmare’ (unless of course it was a stallion in which case I’d think he needed his eyes checking!) but in this case I felt it was unnecessarily insulting and sexist.

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