Mondays do not set me up well for the rest of the week. I have the most lessons in a day on Mondays and they are all really really boring, Ping Pong lady doesn’t let me plan my own lessons (unlike the rest of the teachers) and just makes me read and repeat with the class. I get bored and I have been known to zone out half way through class.

Admittedly I wouldn’t want the first lesson of the week to be a game either it’d have the classes in totally the wrong mood for the rest of the week, but it would be nice to have some input.

I was told by two teachers that they were disapointed I wasn’t trying to study Japanese today which disheartened me further. They obviously didn’t believe me when I explained in, admittedly very broken, Japanese that I was studying but I still can’t join in conversations in the staffroom beyond generic greetings. I can tell them broken sentences but nothing coherent yet and I’ve been here since August! I don’t understand why this language is so difficult for me. In school I do try and join in but as I said, I use mostly English with the odd Japanese word that I know and I still can’t talk at any sort of grown up level. Managed a conversation with some of my students today and we can do a conversation at the level of ‘I have a boyfriend and you?’, ‘I like SMAP and you?’, ‘Lunch was delicious and you?’ and I can’t seem to extend this to having any sort of conversation with the staff so apparently they think this means I’m not trying.

The language is really getting me down and the fact that my Spanish has wandered off into lala land as I was trying to get a grip in Japanese also has me down as well.

Oh well fuck Mondays.

7 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Have a karma point hon. After 3 and a half hours stood in front of the photocopier pressing the same button over and over again, I hate Mondays too…

  2. SMAP are a Japanese band…think Take That but without the rockier elements…yes I said without the rockier elements. Trust me in comparison to SMAP Take That had rock elements.

  3. ‘Ping pong lady’. That conjours up one particularly… impressive… image in my head. Am I just being dodgy, or is it actually some reference to the ping pong trick?

  4. She runs the Ping-pong club at school. I really really hope she’s not teaching the san-nensei the ping pong trick Dan.

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