Kocho-sensei (Headmaster) has just come up to me for the fourth time this week to tell me ‘Sunny isn’t it.’ This is a total improvement on Monday’s ‘Cloudy ne?’ (‘Cloudy isn’t it’ in English/Japanese mixture). I am so chuffed. This is entirely down to the display on the first years corridor on Weather. I didn’t get it until Tuesday, alhtough I thought it a little odd that the guy with little to no english skills was randomly coming up to me to talk about the weather…then I caught him with kyoto-sensei, complaining that it won’t snow and so he won’t be able to say ‘snowy’ to me…yesterday he went up to the Jedi master to check something and came up with ‘It is sunny and windy too.’

Wednesday I wasn’t caught off guard and actually came back with ‘kumotte iru’ (cloudy). I don’t care that the level of information is confined to weather, its an effort to communicate and that is damn cool.

So the display is for the first years, most of whoum can’t get used to seeing me everyday (they were used to seeing me once a month or once a week at primary school), I don’t really care, I know that there is one person in this school using the first year display to improve his english…so what that its the kocho-sensei!

And on an entirely different note, looks like Al Quaida is indirectly responsible for Spain legalising gay marriage. I do like considering that irony. On the other hand Spain is a Catholic country….so…I wonder what the Pope will say.

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  1. The Spanish Prime Minister said that he was interested in hearing what the Pope had to say, but that it didn’t mean two shits to him (I’m paraphrasing, believe it or not) because in Spain they have freedom of expression, equality and social justice.

    Within a few hours of the story breaking, Ratzinger… er, Benedict, I mean… issued a statement instructing all public officials involved in the processing of gay marriages to be ready to resign rather than follow the new laws.

    Looks like the authoritarian prick’s starting as he means to go on.

  2. Yes I rather thought he might. It’ll be interesting if anyone actually does, let alone anyone the media deem newsworthy.

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