Shitty Shitty Panickstricken Weekend

It seems somehow wrong to be longing for the slow pace of work on Monday morning rather than exulting in a weekend. However this weekend did not go to plan… and how!

So went to see the cutest creature in the world (Kore) on Friday, honestly Skimble and I are acting like a lesbian couple who’ve just bought their first cat! We watched movies and all was good. On Saturday I headed home via train…and lost my bag.

It should be pointed out that my bag contained:

my hanko (a seal that is used instead of a signature)
my gaijin card (identity as a legal foreign resident confirmation card)
my bank card
my house keys
eighty pounds which I had taken out earlier that day as I had some bills etc. to pay today

I then hopped trains, without anyone asking for money. Explained in very broken Japanese (mostly consiting of ‘watashi no kaban, watashi no saifu…LOSTO! Tabun eki…tabun densha…LOSTO!’) to the train managers. And a hugely lovely Phillipino guy rang his wife to translate for me…which was fantasic! I swear people from the Phillipines are the nicest people in the world!

When I turned up on Skimble’s doorstep at 7pm she was a little surprised to see me. We then rang everyone…and of course they were all at the Takeda Shingen festival so no one answered. Luckily, however at 8pm we discovered that the Girl Next Door was still at school….um what?!!! On a Saturday, the Japanese are mad! I hope she was running a sports club or something and not working…

She then rang around the train company until she found my bag, which had been handed in at the other end of the trainline by a very nice man. And Skimble to whoum I owe a very large favour drove me down there to pick it up. We arrive back at her place at midnight, and her forebearance was huge as it was just in time for the National…

And of course Hedgehunter, the horse I noticed too late for good odds won. Joly Bey, from the sounds of it, was put off his spurt by the loose horse that fucked up Clan Royal at Beechers and of course the going was just too soft for Forest Gunner. Better luck next time to Carrie Ford I guess. Still Amberleigh House was well behind…sucks to to the Ovenchip!

Ahhh Monday tommorrow, maybe I can get some rest for a couple of days!

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