Skimble’s Birthday

This weekend has been a good one on the whole. At first I was dissapointed because no Fuji climb, however we all (Skimble, American Falcon, Nesuphyn, Vet-in-progress and I) went karaokeing until some ridiculous hour, we were joined on Saturday by one of Nesuphyn’s friends and went shopping for much manga. This is because American Falcon is leaving for America in a few weeks and seems to want to buy the entirity of every manga series ever written. Trip to Book Off then…and again, and again!
Evening meal at Red Lobster, lunch at a soba shop….lovely!

And on Sunday I went to Fuji-Q Highland which is a theme park where you can ride rollercoasters and look at Fuji all at the same time! I went at 173 kph! Cool….I love rollercoasters! And tommorrow I get to go to school and enjoy the pure hell that I got myself into last week.

Thankyou all so much for your messages of support etc.etc. Just to clarify. Yes the boy was hit, therefore complaining about it was a good thingTM and I am aware of that. What I am ashamed of and regretting is my lack of professionalism in the matter. There are ways of putting things right even when you have language barrier problems and demanding a fellow teacher apologise to a pupil is not one of them, especially when you have no seniority in the matter.

In anycase, lets face tommorrow and see what that brings.

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