The Past Runs To Catch Up

So strange, I was speaking to Blue Eyes…which is beginning to be a semi-regular occurance now I’m in Japan. And I was made aware of just how much our lives meet at certain points and then divulge hugely. And just occaisionally I am made aware that certain aspects of my life are a little unusual. Its as though there is this huge dance and there are golden threads that string between us, all of us I mean and we are weaving a huge pattern…or have I been reading too much Robert Jordan?

I doubt he would like such a poetic description of events but then I’m damn sure many of my assertions piss him off…I wouldn’t have it any other way and yet I consider him to be someone whose threads meet mine on many levels. I do have strange takes on some things I think.
Or maybe I just enjoy being contrary, I’m fairly sure what I remember as being my first best compliment from him was intended as an insult…

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