Well Mum and Dad and the Princess head back to sunny England on Tuesday and they decided to stay in a hotel in Tokyo before they get their flights…hurray for me I get to stay in a decent hotel in Tokyo and for once the JET Programme isn’t paying!

I’m all excited. I figure I’ll take them to see the Tokyo Edo museum (my favourite place in Tokyo after the Sumo ring) and we will eat sushi (something they have been successfully avoiding all week) and then I go home on Monday and get to have my flat to myself! Oh joy and rapture how I miss having my own space!

Its at moments like these that I wonder what I shall be like living with the Jellicle, I do miss my own space when it’s not there. On the other hand this flat is not a house and it’s not like there is any real possibility for privacy within it.

Oh well we shall see.

4 thoughts on “Excitement

  1. From observational experience of various couples, when living together it’s vital that each of them have part of the house that’s theirs. That way, there’s the privacy and solitude that they need, with the advantage of the other somebody being in the next room when you need them.

    If every room in the house becomes a shared room, it puts unnecessary strain on the people involved.

  2. Seconded. You need your own room, somewhere where you can go and shut the door and be away from everyone else from time to time. Also, just having somewhere that is *yours* rather than a shared *ours* is a massive psychic relief at times.

  3. And here you thought me moving in with you would be great, hahahaha!

    Have fun in Tokyo. I’ve never been to any of the museums there. I hope it’s fun!

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