Well thank fuck that thats over! Kyoto was fabulous as always, I frankly don’t know how Skimble eats Takoyaki outside of that city now…the Princess loved it right up until we told her it was octopus afterwhich (predictably) she refused to eat it. But it is seriously gorgeous…Arty told me I should go to Osaka if I like seafood…one day….

I no longer have to worry about them missing train connections, not having listened to me about the fact that Japan is a cash-based society…no honestly if you come and visit me you can only really use credit cards in big cities and not always there either.

The critter is doing well, cleaned out her cage today (which is the first time I’ve properly done that) and now she’s all awake and exploring it….for exploring read throwing everything about the place and tipping her wheel, house, frog thing, food bowl upside down…sigh…Skimble needs to come back soon I don’t make a good substiture Mommy. (deliberate use of American spelling) Right, ideas of what to do with my family before we climb Mount Fuji? Almost none….and already they’re bored!

6 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Cash-based? Cool. They’re not dumb enough to have fallen for the ‘it’s just like having free money’ credit card scam then, like this country has.

  2. Less cool when you think about having to pay for meals, hotel bills, train tickets by cash not plastic and then realise that ATMs open from 9:30am until 5pm.

    Carrying around the amount of cash to be able to do something with is just plain scary.

    The idea of debit cards that don’t just get money out of ATMs hasn’t permeated here yet either.

  3. Awww, I’m sure Kore was just being a brat. Sorry you are stuck with her. I got tons of presents for you in compensation!
    Luv ya!

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