7 thoughts on “Was a bit bored…

  1. 30%

    In my defence that site didn’t like my version of flash and all I could see as "A B C D" and no text describing my choices.

    Still less than chance on the guesswork so I guess I fail 🙂

  2. hmmm, 50% is ok I guess… to be fair most of the questions were about stuff that happened before I met you!
    I’ll make a more recent one of these myself at some point and mail it to you — mwahahaha… revenge… 😉

  3. Haven’t you posted a test very similar to this before? As I recall I sucked at it last time, and I only sucked slightly less this time, getting 70 – although it would have been more like 30 if my guess-fu was not so strong today.

  4. I completely sucked at your test HP! We haven’t seen enough of each other in..oh about 3 years!

    Actually Jonno you’re right…I shall rectify this.

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