Competition and a Bet

OK. Theres a new competition gone up on my competition page. Send me a poem (max 500 words) on the subject of New Beginnings and, if you win in the open vote I’ll paint your poem for you.

The prize-giving for the last competition will be held sometime in February in the guise of a writing party. If you are a prize-winner then it’d be nice if you came, even if just for the prize-giving.

I note that the bet has got people intrigued. I shall explain, I believe that anyone can draw it just takes a bit of practice and some learning. I loudly declared in a Pagan Soc meeting that I could teach anyone to draw in 6 months.
The Gardenerian spoke up and said (roughly), ‘oh yeah. Well I give you nine months to teach me.’
I said, ‘You’re on.’
Then the Jellicle Cat said, ‘Put a twenty on it?’
I said, ‘It’s a bet.’

In nine months time (the first lesson having been on Sunday) we shall know how right I was.

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