I just sat down with the Jellicle Cat and watched Equilibrium, which I quite liked even after the seriously, seriously clunky start. Christian Bale was yummy and if anyone tells me that Yorkshire is not the most POETIC accent they will recieve a serious cursing, or something. In anycase Sean Bean (and Weasel when drunk) aside.

Yesterday I went and retrieved my property from that school. MoT came with me, I think we had a pretty good day apart from my being totally stressed about almost everything. The school stuff was horrible. The Head of Department had the grace to look embarrassed and I left the place with the distinct impression that they had never intended to employ me in the first place.

So…apart from that MoT took good care of me and we had a really nice chat like we haven’t had in forever we also discovered that various respective friends don’t get why we’re friends. Well, it’s in his name, Man of Taste, yeah, we read the same books. Oh, and we don’t mind a good argument.

Then Weasel and MoT showed me soft-core porn which they claimed was Wrestling…women in schoolgirl outfits? A ‘bra and panties’ match? I ask you! Much fun!

I went around town today leaving my CV all over the place. I don’t really know what the immeadiate future is going to bring jobswise but I hope it brings it soon.

Um…I am? I disagree…

6 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. #sigh#

    If only the WWE had crowds that could be pleased by, lessee, actual wrestling

    And I don’t agree with that Seduction Style result one bit.

  2. Come and visit Skimble! I have to see if you like Weasel’s hair as much as Foxy Jonno’s…

    Jonno, thanks about the Seduction Style quiz… I think it’s because I answered the two possible answer questions with more thought as to possible situations than was demanded… ah well.

  3. I’m having trouble imaging Weasel with a Yorkshire accent, I must say. And it’s not *that* poetic, although most of my experience of it has been Foo being silly. šŸ˜‰ There was a Yorkshire lad in the shop the other day, and his accent was quite sweet, come to think of it. Maybe it just needs to be heard from a tall blond with a nervous expression to work.

  4. It only really happens when he’s drunk or stoned. Usually he sounds like he’s from the East Coast, which is just unfortunate.

    Tall brunettes dressed as Beach Boys also have good Yorkshire accents though.

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