My Birthday Party

First off, I don’t have up to date email addresses for a lot of my friends. If you’re reading this then email me, I haven’t changed my email address in 10 years, chances are you have mine even if I don’t have yours. Or text me if you have my mobile number, I need your email addresses because mostly I have your uni ones! This means I don’t remind you when my parties are!

Secondly, I had a great birthday thankyou everyone who came! Thankyou for the bondage tape Nordic Lady and Gardnerian! Thankyou for cooking and bringing birthday cake (it had 25 candles!!!!!!!!!!!!) Wrong Mike!

There was a great game of Talisman played by Weasel, the Gardnerian, FFG, MoT, my Gentleman Friend and me so I loved my party even if it did last for 5 hours! FFG went through three characters. We used ALL the expansions so at separate points during the game FFG/Weasel/My Gentleman Friend were playing on their own little board (timescape) with no interaction with the rest of us. I never actually made it onto the timescape board or into the Dungeon but I did use my evil spy powers to transport Weasel into the Dungeon to be got at by FFG. FFG actually made it to the Crown of Command by his third character via the shortcut from the Dungeon(this is after I’d spent three hours trying to get a quest from the Warlock and then kill Weasel or MoT or the Gardnerian or someone! to get a Talisman). I refused to surrender at which point he started firing lightning bolts at me and then suddenly everyone got Talismans by chance! (I worked for mine dammit!) Of course my refusal to submit meant that my Gentleman Friend suddenly made it through the Plains of Peril and mirrored a lightning bolt back at FFG so that his Minotaur popped. I got thunderbolted by my Gentleman Friend in the Mines (I’d been carrying that map since the beginning!!!!!) and then MoT and the Gardnerian popped leaving Weasel to suddenly swoop in from the TimeScape board right onto the Plains of Peril….where he got popped too! (But it did look like he might actually grab the crown for a bit).

Apparently in the other room Sweetie actually managed to win at Settlers of Catan because my Gentleman Friend wasn’t playing!

Basically I got and was incredibly happy with my game of Talisman. There was also Go played and Polarity which encouraged Lady Byron and Byrons Brother Octavius to stay beyond wishing me a Happy Birthday. Wrong Mike took over my kitchen and lit 25 candles on a Scooby Doo cake and made everyone sing to me!!!!! It was perfect!

There was some political discussion, a lot of Jilly Cooper jokes, sexuality debates (oooh I joined the Lavendar Lounge after really missing Dykenet) and me and the Jellicle eventually got to bed after kicking out our last guests at around 4am. I don’t think I could have had a nicer party (except for all the people who couldn’t come).

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