Stupid Stupid Stupid

Not because I went out first of the poker game tonight. Because I fucking smoked. I have asthma. It has been very bad recently. FFG was not happy with me. I haven’t had one since school. I am so stupid stupid stupid.

Feel free to rant at me.

Or read the ramble below. Any which way you like.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Stupid Stupid

  1. Not so much stupid as impulsive. Either way, you can choose to learn from the experience, and I reckon you will.

    Don’t kick yourself too hard for this moment though, because that approach is about substituting guilt for learning. Be gentle on yourself for now, be aware for next time.

  2. Ah, we all do those things… I’ve got a long list of things I shouldn’t eat. Do you think I manage to stay away from those things…? Noooooo… when enough time has gone by, I forget how ill they can make me 🙂
    So I know exactly what it feels like.

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