A Winge

Right now I should be waiting for the gesso to dry on Cornish Bloke’s kitchen wall. I’m not. Anyone present at the murder mystery last night knows how bad my asthma currently is. It feels like I’m in the bloody Green County not Castle Moon. In Castle Moon I can do sodding anything, not be forced to spend a day rotting inside because walking from one room to another causes me to get out of breath.

I feel very very frustrated right now. Frustrated doesn’t even cover it. I know I used to be able to say, well I can’t do it fast so I’ll do it slow, I’ll take three hours to walk somewhere it would take the rest of you five minutes and sod the rest of you. I’ve had years of not having to do that and now I’m way out of practice.

Winge. Winge. Winge.

All that aside at least it means I can tidy up the place down in Leg Plates, albeit pretty slowly with gaps taken for reading and painting… Nope, it’s no good, I’m absolutely furious with myself. I know my weaknesses for physical pleasure and I’m hoping that this new state of my lungs is not a ‘for good’ one. If it is, then I’ve traded most of my physical pleasures (since this is interfering with my sex life) for the sake of three drags.

Winge. Winge. Winge.

And now for something slightly less emo!

There was a murder mystery last night, it was great fun (although Weasel in a dress channels Kenneth Williams, my Gentleman Friend in a fez channels Tommy Cooper and Cornish Bloke was invoking Mel Brooks – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) Turned out Weasel was pregnant (he hid it well), he had married the Football Fan (by unhooking his hand) to ensure his twins had a father, Sweetie and Bilbo had conspired to kill the victim but knocked the Football Fan unconcious by accident. Rat was innocent of everything. My Gentleman Friend had tried to kill the victim unsucessfully. I had bodyswapped with the victim so I was actually still alive (and apparently posing as the leader of the vampire mafia posing as a scatty fortune-teller) and Cornish Bloke had killed the wrong person!

It was brilliant fun.

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