Cous Cous Good!

Had a rather intense trance experience at Pagan Soc. I have changed the ‘safe, warm place’ that I have to somewhere I can accurately visualise the sight, sound, smell and feel of, plus it’s moveable. I think that the sheer fact I started out somewhere so utterly complete combined with the fact that I took two (out of the three contexts) real experiences and relived them made for a really intense third door. Also Cornish Bloke was taking us down and I have always found that he and I work bloody well together when it comes to trance work.

Reminds me that I haven’t done anything like that with my Manly Viking in forever, I miss doing scrying workshops with him.

Had sex as soon as I got in, the Jellicle Cat reckons that sex is a building up of energy whereas for me, I find that it can also be a good grounder as well. Now I’m going to eat cous cous until I feel normal, for some given value of normal anyway.

Went to Carnforth at the weekend with my Gentleman Friend and watched Brief Encounter actually in the railway station, it was intensely cool. Love and Honour all in the same movie. I know I tend to take the piss out of Honour and I often find that people use ‘honourable actions’ and ‘codes of honour’ as excuses for bad behaviour, I have declared in the past that I do not find my own actions honourable and i would stand by that. But I do try to be good. Trying to be good I think it what counts, love is not a good thing often, she is a bitch that tries to grab us and thrust us into all sorts of sinkholes, sex and lust can also make us do stupid things but not nearly as much as the emotional thing I think. Goodness and being good, thats what we need to go for, Wrong Mike and I (so often we agree on matters of the heart) were talking on Friday and we rather did goodness down, or I did. I think though, in the end, goodness is all you have left of yourself and if you allow The Bitch to dictate you into behaving her way rather than well then you’re pretty much screwed as a human.

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3 thoughts on “Cous Cous Good!

  1. I read this the other day and meant to come back to it when my brain was less fuddled…

    Being a Heathen I can’t ignore the concept of honour, and I do try to be honourable… but I try to avoid talking about it much, because at least 90% of the people I hear talking about honour (many of them Heathens or other recon pagans) talk utter bollocks about it, and seem to have a concept of "honour" which is quite fluid, depending on what they think is important at the time. It is so regular a thing that these days when I hear someone talk of honour, I distrust them immediately.

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