Last night was fun, I got to race warthogs. Also put balls into holes in rabbit brains… yeah, so those games were designed in Japan right? Somebody tell me there isn’t a kancho game for the wii yet? Please.

American Vicky was about, she pointed out that it seemed like nothing had changed since she was here ‘for real’ as it were. In some ways I think she was right, we’re all here, relating in pretty much the same ways. I’m not really sure that that’s a good thing. I mean, things have changed but sometimes I wonder. I loved the scritchpile last night and it was great flirting with SmallJess but the fact remains that things have changed and thats a good thing. Sure, creation of family/community/spider-light webs, call them what you will, is a great and amazing thing. But did we cause the independance of ourselves only to tie ourselves down into another tribe?

I suspect that this is my overstated need for independance taking over, I need a certain amount of independance from my family, from my friends, even, sad to say, from my boyfriends. I need change, I have changed, so have we all and the notion that everything somehow remains the same, or should reset to a particular time has me twitchy. The BBSO almost occured yesterday… I was involved in a scritchpile and I feel sort of looping. I don’t like it.

The badges that the Sea Otter produced were great fun, so are the postcards on the same site. I didn’t get to talk to Mother-In-Law as much as I would have liked but now she’s in Galgate I hopefully get to see her more often. It was a nice party. I ate muchos cake though and am a tad conerned my behaviour was a little on the bad side.

4 thoughts on “Party

  1. "yeah, so those games were designed in Japan right?"

    Wrong. The particular minigame compilation you are referring to was designed in France 😉

    We did play another one that was designed in Japan though.

  2. In fairness, some of the weirdest non-Japanese stuff I’ve found has been at least part-French. I don’t know why.

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