That was something that I haven’t done in… oh wa,y way, way too long. The birds were singing when I unlocked the door at Chamber Town. I admit I cheated somewhat in that I got a lift with Mother-In-Law but I have been dancing all night. I miss dancing and clubbing and staying out till the birds are singing. In Tokyo I don’t remember birds singing but then it was Ni-chome and I was getting the train back at around 6ish or whatever.

The birthday surprise went off pretty well this afternoon, he was surprised and happy even if we were mostly disorganised (though whether that was Wrong Mike, the Jellicle or Rabbit Girl being disorganised we have yet to ascertain). The barcrawl was a little minimal since it started late (four bars!) but it did progress from campus (picking up Harry Potter as it went) into town. I kissed a lot of people and I got an excuse to wear my amazing boots, sadly the pattern is coming off the sole. I got rather upset about Japan again in the John O’ Gaunt but Mother-In-Law is fabulous and Rabbit Girl was doing the sympathetic drunk thing so all went well and we made it down to the Bobbin in good fettle.

I invited a lot of people onto my hanami picnic tomorrow – if you’re free around 3pm then I will provide onigiri and possibly saki in Williamson Park near the sakura (cherry blossom) – I will probably be wearing yukata! You’ve been warned! I guess I am a bit surprised at quite how much I’m missing Japan, it was home for two years and Mount Fuji was a place I… can’t quite explain but feel heartsick for.

Most people left the Bobbin when time was called but, as I said, the birds are singing, myself, Rabbit Girl, FoxyJonno, Mother-In-Law, the Bassist and the Blue Cat went down The Lounge and danced the night away. Thats actually the first night I’ve dont that in Lancaster since I got back, I’ve been out with The Princess in Leicester and the Green County but not Lancaster… I’d forgotten how much I like dancing.

It’s my personal opinion that the reason I can’t dance is that it involves too much touching, touch me and I get distracted, the Blue Cat and FoxyJonno might be able to dance in a group but me, I prefer to dance alone because then its just me and the music and nothing else matters. I felt a little old today as I found myself wishing for some real dance music (oh dear gods I’m twenty five and past it) but mostly I was amazed that I was out without my sister for once! I also suspect that most people aren’t composing poetry whilst they dance… maybe… who knows?!

Gods I can’t imagine a nicer night. Happy Birthday Bassist!

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