Carnforth and Orgasms

So the first part of this entry will be dealing with the play I saw in Carnforth and the second part with my sex life… you have been warned!

Still Life by Noel Coward was the orginal for Brief Encounter and it was playing up at Carnforth last night. My Gentleman Friend and I made quite a night of it actually, we saw the play and then had dinner in the refreshment room. (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) The play was actually much better than I had worried it would be, and the setting was deliciously intimate, the best bit being that they actually did the last act out on the platform of the station (I took a photo of the leads with the clock in the background – oh wow!)

Dinner was also pretty damn amazing and not at all what you might expect from a railway refreshment room! I got a little tipsy and had a lovely beef stew preceded by a goats cheese starter. Nom! I could never be a vegan!

The play finished with Laura (the lead), after being unable to say a proper goodbye to Alec because her annoying acquaintance Dolly turns up, reciting Coward’s ‘I Am No Good At Love’. It totally and completely spoke to me, I really felt it, I’ve not heard it before. Also it makes a good break for those of you who don’t want to read about my orgasms.


I am no good at love
My heart should be wise and free
I kill the unfortunate golden goose
Whoever it may be
With over-articulate tenderness
And too much intensity.

I am no good at love
I batter it out of shape
Suspicion tears at my sleepless mind
And gibbering like an ape,
I lie alone in the endless dark
Knowing there’s no escape.

I am no good at love
When my easy heart I yield
Wild words come tumbling from my mouth
Which should have stayed concealed;
And my jealousy turns a bed of bliss
Into a battlefield.

I am no good at love
I betray it with little sins
For I feel the misery of the end
In the moment that it begins
And the bitterness of the last good-bye
Is the bitterness that wins.

-Noel Coward

Warning ORGASM discussion
So I usually come pretty easily, a general rule of thumb is that on average I come once or twice a day. Usually these are clitoral orgasms which I find the easiest to have, a little frottage and general stimulation and I’m there. This doesn’t always happen, some days I just don’t come and some days I’d rather spend longer on sex so I tend to go for other ‘more difficult’ orgasms (vaginal usually but occasionally some of the others I’ve detailed before).

Yesterday I had the most intense orgasm I think I have ever had. Perfectly ordinary penetrative sex with My Gentleman Friend but it had been a while since I had come.
I think thats the upside of orgasms being difficult, you start off with what normally stimulates you, spend so long on it with no avail and then you just keep going or you stop and spend the hours or days or whatever at a higher level of awareness than usual, feeling every part of yourself twitching with the eroticism of it all. (I mean lets face it, the whole of life is pretty damn erotic if you’re in the right headspace.)
So then I came home from the play last night, a little drunk and horny as fuck…and went for a totally vaginal orgasm…it was amazingly intense. I had forgotten how much I love my wooden dildo…
Orgasm discussion ends

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