The Quest

Currently I note that the quest for the Grail has grown quite large, we are something of a noticeable party as we ride north. However, we have knights, a viking, magical folks and our honourable conduct to protect us and aid others so I’m not worried about this (and still, in fact encouraging people to join this quest if they want to). At the moment we’re still riding pretty generically north waiting for the Cunning Man and the Viking to show us the path we follow. After taking the giants advice to seek a place of Fire and Ice we decided upon an island to the far north, Iceland which they seem to know something of. I do not know what we will find along the way, but part of a quest is to ride and discover the path as we go.

7 thoughts on “The Quest

  1. You don’t want winged silver beasts.. esspecially cold blooded ones. They just frustrate and annoy 🙂

  2. Well… I wouldn’t say with you. But I have to keep an eye on you. You know what warm blooded questers are like for getting themselves in trouble… plus you might find something worth Hording.

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