What A Weekend

I think sometimes that there are little bubbles that absorb the quality of goodness and wrap around particular time periods just waiting for you to stumble into them. This weekend was one of them. I haven’t had such a good weekend in ages, I don’t think I could have designed a more perfect one. I can’t pick a single moment that was the best bit, mmm, actually maybe I can, but I shall go through the sheer joy of my weekend chronologically instead!

Friday started out with a day trip to deepest Cumbria and I got to ride on a miniature railway! Yeay! Ok so Blackhurst Swainson wasn’t so chuffed that it was a miniature one but I had a great day out. Ahem… uh, that is to say, I had a great time researching things for the Yellow Sign Theatre Company. Then came the Mage game, which was even more fun than when we performed surgery on my Ex-Warder! Mucho fun dream sequence. I had promised to meet Byron at Cthulhu and Tribal Spirit’s leaving party, got there, discovered that apparently they’re staying and had a lovely night out despite not seeing Byron! Oh, and discovered that the rumour mill is working overtime – serious hilarity.

Saturday was all about birthdays and the surprise that Rabbit Girl et al have been working on for ages. Totally worth it, plus we got to work out how to put the transformers together! I had actually thought I’d go out for a bit on the barcrawl, natter to Byron down the pub and go home quite early but when it came down to it and the Jellicle and I were on campus I decided I wanted to really have a night out of the sort I just haven’t had in a while. I’m so glad I did. I had a lovely conversation with Mother-In-Law in addition to dancing and kissing and generally having a fantastic evening.

Sunday was my picnic and it all worked wonderfully well. Loads more people than I initially intended turned up, well, ok, there was me, Bilbo, Cornish Bloke, my Ex-Warder, Nordic Lady, the Ex-Gardnerian, Wrong Mike, Weasel, Princess Lex, The Jellicle Cat, Foxy Jonno and Mother-In-Law. I made everyone eat onigiri and try red beanpaste in riceballs – why can’t I remember what they’re called?! The facial expressions everyone made over the beanpaste stuff was perfect! Also, I’ve finally found something that Wrong Mike won’t put in his mouth! It wasn’t really hanami I guess but it was so damn close I didn’t care, it felt like Japan in a lot of ways, sitting next to the pond underneath the sakura tree.

Thankyou everyone who came! (And everyone who couldn’t!) I do enjoy just hanging out with my friends and chilling out where conversation comes easily and the sky is blue. All the web seems open then, everything seems new and wonderful… except for the moment in conversation where I ended up explaining that according to legal technicality I am guilty of rape. Although it made me laugh… but then so does offal. I think, that something that comes up a lot is what defines sex, and what you personally define as sex, you can go on about lesbianism and penetration and all the rest of it, when it comes down to it though, you have to go with what you consider sex to be. After a lot of consideration on the matter I don’t have some sort of clinical ‘if this act occurs then it’s sex’; if it feels like sex then thats what it is, if it doesn’t, then it isn’t.

After the picnic a lot of people came round for tea and there was more relaxation and conversation. Then FoxyJonno and Princess Lex invited me round for food and I got to play with her feet! I mean really, could there be anything better? (Well, possibly later on in the evening when I finally got around to taking those photos).

It’s come up couple of times this weekend, that my relationships aren’t exactly usual, I was talking to Blackhurst Swainson about it on Friday and FoxyJonno earlier, the fact is that yes, my personal life is a bit unusual but it’s so much fun! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Life is an albulm by Badly Drawn Boy and the world rocks! Seriously, theres nothing better and I embrace all of it’s confusing and wonderful, dizzy perfection.

Edit: Of course I forgot to put what the best bit of the weekend actually was! My cousin is getting married and I get to be a bridesmaid, what could be better than that?!

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  1. I was wondering what the intent with the picnic was… I got the impression when I got there that it was intended as a small, private affair, but invitations were also given out and it was posted in the blog before it happened. It was most confusing.

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