I like Memes like this

Taken from Princess Lex:

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you one sentence from that story.

8 thoughts on “I like Memes like this

  1. Two seemingly unconnected stories that slowly grow closer together as the narrative progresses; one of them details the adventures of a suicidal hitman who finds himself entirely unable to die, the other chronicles the tale of a world-weary supply teacher who inadvertantly uncovers the details of a grand conspiracy.

  2. She looked at the class of year tens, all agog at his precarious position outside the fifth storey classroom, and considered.

  3. Ooh, interesting…

    OK. It’s a story of swashbuckling intrigue in the age of High R’lyeh, featuring the famous swordsmith-spy around whom the legends of Dagon accreted, and his quest to woo Mata Hydra, Queen of Spies.

  4. I’d like to hear something from that fairytale of yours, with the crows looking for food, that gets considerably darker and more unpleasant as it goes along.

  5. Grey Kittens:

    It was the final life she had, the eighth had been spent well she decided and so, it was the least she could do to spend this one by the fireside with Marcie.

  6. The Crows:

    With a cry of ecstasy bordering on pain Eleanor tore her eyes from their sockets and threw them to the ungrateful crows.

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