7 thoughts on “Nabbed

  1. It does sound interesting, but I’d like to know more about the zones before committing to a trip to London, I’d feel robbed if I got there and it was one sided.

  2. Well they can’t possibly be expecting to teach people to be better lovers if they just concentrate on straight sex.

  3. I’m sure there will be a media outcry whatever they do, so we should hear well in advance what they do and don’t cover.

    Maybe they just reckon that straight people need the most help or something? … ;o)

  4. I meant focused on women more than men, but the gay/straight thing is true too. I just meant I didn’t want to spend the entire day looking at female sex dolls and guides on how to please a woman, an even measure would be good.

  5. You know people concentrate far too much on pleasing the woman, men are so much fun to play with. I do wonder how many women need to learn how to?

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