The Pearl Necklace

So the Lace&Steel game I’m running this term at LURPS was supposed to be somewhat toned down a notch (sex speaking) from the last one I ran at LURPS, it had stats for size of male genitalia and shagging skills and all the rest of it. This one doesn’t.

However, for some reason it doesn’t seem at all likely that the tone of this game is actually going to vary that much. Maybe it’s the fact that I pitched the game in hotpants or maybe it was the fact my pitch started out with the phrase, ‘The Pearl Necklace needs a crew..’. The players only actually got onto the ship this week (mostly character gen stuff and about half an hour of actual play) but already the bisexual pixie has decided he rather fancies the Inigo Montoya rip-off in the very tight trousers and the somewhat more than dodgy harpy has decided she wants to perform experiments on the kinked bisexual pixie with the fetish for interspecies action…

My NPC satyr captain with the large breasts seems practically vanilla in comparison.

I think I’m going to enjoy this game. Ideally I still want a player or two more, but hey, maybe there’ll be someone next week who wants to play.

3 thoughts on “The Pearl Necklace

  1. That reminds me, there is a comment somewhere in the L&S books about the *idea* of weather magic, but I don’t think there are actually any *rules* for it! It kinda makes sense for harpies to have some sort of magics related to winds and weather (particularly the former!), so maybe we could sketch some up between us?

    *If* I have time I’ll think a tad more about harpy culture as well…and maybe add more to the list of knob gags… ;o)

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