What A Weekend

So the Mage game on Friday was totally mad. I loved every second of it, especially trying to explain Paradox to a Mage who is managing to be blissfully unaware of it.

Hammered is not even in it to describe my state on Saturday night. The Princess had me come down early so I could do some baking for her. There were cakes consumed… I then thought it’d be a great idea (on top of the cakes) to drink some of the fizz that she and Straight had knocking about the place. My Gentleman Friend got to meet Straight, Britney, the Ex-Leprechaun and even the Nice Girl who lived down the road from us in Royston Vasey for years. This was definately interesting.

Then we headed out for a meal at a place which seemed to exclusively deal in large groups of women either having birthdays or hen nights… the food was good and I had the best part of a bottle of red wine and I think that there may have been shots later on. My Gentleman Friend headed home early as he was feeling unwell, I think that was well after most of us were dancing on the tables.

Last night was interesting, not having had a TV for what seems like years I hadn’t heard of Derren Brown. He seems the sort of bloke it would be fun to be trapped in a lift with, very into NLP and hypnosis and all the rest of it. I can’t quite see why SuperBitch is convinced he uses actual magic though, however it was only one show that I’ve seen whereas she seems to be something of a fan. He’s probably not someone I’m going to pay to see a show of again though if I get a TV in the future I might watch something on there and I definately want to read his book.

I suppose it depends where you draw the line between magic and not and where your definitions lie. He was very big on saying all night that he didn’t believe he had real psychic talent whereas what he was claiming he was doing sounded very much like my definition of ‘psychic’. Of course I did spend the train ride down to Leicester reading SSOTBME and thinking very Ramsey Dukesque thoughts so this could explain things somewhat.

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  1. Derren Brown is great. I’ve seen quite a few things that he’s done – the man’s sheer inventiveness is a joy to behold. The best tricks he does are the ones he explains afterwards, just because the ways he manages to perform his tricks are so off-the-wall. Perhaps my favourite one of all involved an envelope with the layout of a supermarket drawn on it, followed by using the phrase "Salt and… whatever," in a sentence.

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