Pirates! (And I WANT SKIMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!)

So, occaisionally, just occaisionally, pirates are cool.

Of course my uber-fantastic ninja disguise fooled everyone into thinking I was a damn hot pirate last night. Mainly I think it was the boots, they were fan-fucking-tastic boots. Thigh high lace-ups with my hotpants (and FoxyJonno’s shirt… must give that back to him), I felt amazing. Well, less so when I had to nip to the loo half-way through the movie, but even so, pretty damn amazing.

I’m not sure how many people laughed at me last night, I lost count, there were a lot, and I just felt so much more alive than any of them looked. I almost felt like I was better than them or something. The girls in the loos made me giggle to myself. ‘Oh my god, what does she think she’s wearing’ whispered amongst themselves as they didn’t trouble to hide their laughter. And I thought, they all look the same, stupid eighties dresses over leggings, (which, somebody tell me why that is in fashion again?) and dyed blonde hair, and that make up that makes your face look flat and just like everybody elses. Why would I want to look like all my friends? I felt like me last night, like I could do anything.

It’s great what a pair of hotpants will do for a girl.

I did miss Skimble though, I loved the movie and all (it was a nice end to the triplet though not much in the way of plot or anything serious) but I wanted Skimble to be nattering at the end about Hans Zimmer and the soundtrack and frankly, it just felt wierd to see the third pirates movie without her.

You know, there was a lot of magical thought in the movie and the other thing I kept thinking was ‘What would Lionel think?’ it’s become almost my new mantra since starting his course at Arcanorium college. I guess thats a tad strange but what can I say, if Ramsey Dukes isn’t a man to take into consideration then who is?!

I had a great night last night. Reality is what you make it afterall and I can make this anything I damn well choose.

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