Yellow Sign Prop-making Weekend

Blackhurst Swainson was unfortunately ill and so it’s just been myself, the Manly Viking and my Gentleman Friend. Mostly we’ve been debating various ways of making things, the presentation of particular props, why certain previous members of the Ref team chose to leave and Manly Viking and I have been involved in a ‘who’s dick is bigger’ comparison of our sex lives…well weird but entirely pleasant.

Apparently Yellow Sign props mean that my garden has been nicely returfed and my firepit dug. It’s fantastic.

All I’ve done is little things and made food for the hungry workforce as when I started out with the returfing in the garden I ended up knackered.

Oooh I booked my driving test the other day. Things seem to be looking up. Also, all the retirements will have gone in this weekend so next weeks TES might even have some jobs in for me.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Sign Prop-making Weekend

  1. The garden does look much better and the firepit was just what we needed for props. Even the mini Time-Team adventure was fun ^^

  2. It was great having you up for the weekend!

    (You must come again next time we need to discover fourth century pottery!)

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