A Weekend

It was a good weekend in huge and brilliant wonderful ways. But in others it was kind of disappointing. I haven’t seen Mother-In-Law at all and this heads the disappointments. On the otherhand Wrong Mike’s birthday was lovely, I got incredibly drunk and horny and hung out with my friends. Yesterday I had a great Grail Quest meeting and ended up doing some updates which I’m pretty happy with and then I went out and had a fantastic night.

Today the Jellicle and I listened to a really tense Archers omnibus before heading out to buy vegan food from the Nymph and then go abseiling down the Ashton (which was great fun). We’ve even managed to kind of tidy the kitchen, sort of. Then I headed out to Wrong Mike’s for a game of Arkham Horror with him, FFG, Marajuana Kiss, FoxyJonno and Princess Lex and ended up being skritched, stroked and generally fondled to high heaven on the sofa.

Largely I have had a satisfying weekend. Back to real life now I guess.

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