Avast! Arr! Ahem…

Soon I’m going to have to have my ninja license revoked or something, spent another night dressed as a pirate… Dark Side Of The Lune was pirate themed tonight. It was a great night out! I loved every second – THANKYOU WRONG MIKE for taking me. (I admit that if I’d bothered to find out where it was then I could probably have taken myself but he was lovely to go out with.)

Anyway, I would have been feeling more ninja because I was supposed to be hanging out with Mother-In-Law tonight but she never texted me and because I spent so long after the meeting this afternoon messing about with websites by the time I looked at a clock it was too late to text her – :(.

I half felt, on the dancefloor like I was clubbing in Tokyo, I haven’t been out with proper dance music since got back from Japan (nope, The Lounge is crappy RnB and the Princess’s favourite cheesey clubs in Leicester definately don’t count) and I half thought that as I pushed through the door on the way out that I’d find myself in the 40 degree heat of Nichome… but I didn’t, it was Lancaster and I pulled my (rather sweaty) velvet jacket on.

I love to dance, I don’t do it nearly as often as I did, I still remember my first year when explaining that I liked going out clubbing because I enjoyed dancing to the Swimming Club Ho and he just couldn’t grok it since the whole point of clubbing for him was to pull. I still find that kind of sad. Tonight I totally went with the music and I got into that state where I remember why dancing and being in trance and having sex are all the same thing and all this perfect state of brilliance. Still, I am definately shagged out, I can tell by the fact I walked out of that club totally satiated and without being even a twinge horny (dancing often leaves me horny has fuck). The past week has been mad as far as sex goes, without going into detail, the sensation of control and ecstasy in taking my clothes off in the middle of a field and standing naked in a public highway, has me on a total high. It’s very similar to clubbing in some ways actually. I am so doing Dark Side of the Lune again.

Oooh and we saw pictures of Weasel and FoxyJonno dancing projected up on the wall. That was quite exciting.

As well as the dancing what made the evening for me was that I walked in to the room, feeling a little nervous and unsure about whether I should have come or not, and got hugged, kissed, groped and long-time-no-seed in short order by Muppet, Mirror Boy, the Naiad, the Nymph, Commie Tom, Filmmaker and the Goat. I haven’t seen any of them (except the Goat) in ages and it was wonderful to see them again. I admit that for half a second within seeing the Naiad I half-wished I’d worn the hotpants since she loved them when I actually fit into them and it’s her damn fault I own the things, but it was only half a second and a girl’s gotta be weak sometimes right?

Well ok, this speculation on weakness may have begun due to the fact that the Naiad was dancing with me and said, ‘You still use Herbal Essences then’. I’m not entirely sure what it is I liked about her remembering my brand of shampoo…

The Nymph still awakens my protective instincts bizarrely enough. It might have been the three inch heels (which, incidentally though I can walk in I cannot dance all night in!) but when you see a small blonde wench (yes she was dressed as a wench) in the middle of a crowd of gothicy dancers half a beat away from moshing you end up dancing close by and deflecting drunkards…or anyway I do. Maybe the Mistress-instinct never dies.

I suppose that’s my own take on being a Mistress, relationships take work, so sometimes I have speculated in the past, people in serious relationships need a Mistress someone with whoum they can simply have sex, hang out and be with without any pressures. It was something I last put into practice with the Naiad and the Nymph, it’s not something I would be any good at now I suspect because ideally a Mistress needs to be single so that she can actually put enough energy into doing the mistress thing.
There are rules to my mind and there are things you need to do. (I’m going to use the terms Mistress=girl, Wife=girl and Husband=boy just for simplicity rather than to declare how the relationships, genders, etc. need to work) First of all a Mistress needs to be friends with the wife, remember the wife’s birthday and remind the husband of it, get to know the wife’s tastes and remind the husband of them, work with the husband to keep the wife happy, relax with the husband, get to know the husbands tastes and surprise him by remembering them, get to know what the wife won’t do for him and do those things, always be relaxed and never trouble him with the more practical aspects of life, listen to both the husband and the wife, never let her own troubles get to either of them etc. I think I still agree with a lot of my old ideas and mistress was a position that I really enjoyed being in. I guess I really never have been one for relationship security. Of course a mistresses duties also include protecting the wife in a mosh pit when the husband is having a cigarette…

The evening ended with the Naiad and the Nymph telling me how much they missed Giggles. Now Giggles was never particularly nice to the Naiad, and frankly the Naiad started it with her usual level of extreme horridness to Giggles.
In anycase, though I have often found myself thinking about Giggles this year, I had to say that I didn’t miss her. I mean sure, she’d have enjoyed the piratical theme of the night and she’d have looked good (she always did in pirate costume) but, and heres a big but, by this stage in Lancaster I’m not sure who she’d have had left to hang out with and when they said they missed her I had this horrible image of her and Radio Steve and the Yellow Dart sat in the corner of the place passing out judgement on all of us. Everyone I was out with having a good time she’d have managed to find fault with, especially me, Wrong Mike and the Naiad.

So no, I don’t miss her really. I miss the Giggles I first met sure, but people change and especially over the time I knew her, the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood, people figure out who they really are and what values they really have. It turned out hers and mine were incredibly different in the end. Instead of agreeing that I missed her (which would have been my expected response) we all decided that who we really missed was the Yellow Dart (and I added ‘and Radio Steve’ in my head).

The night seemed to end so early, one when it should have been five or six and the lights came up and we weren’t in some nightclub in Shinjuku but in a bar…I don’t think I’ve ever been clubbing in London or anything and mostly my nights out have been in seedy provincial clubs where, when the lights come up the floor is sticky and covered in broken glass and often (in the case of Lancaster rock clubs) the lights reveal some old man type pub where previously there had been a wall of shamanic sound and lights. (My gods there were even glowsticks tonight! So real clubs I associate with Nichome and being out and proud in Tokyo.

I need to go out again soon! So much fun! And everyone looked so frilly and fine in all their piratical wonder.

2 thoughts on “Avast! Arr! Ahem…

  1. Oooh and we saw pictures of Weasel and FoxyJonno dancing projected up on the wall. That was quite exciting.


    Well, I know I was there in spirit, but hadn’t realised that I’d projected myself there. 😉

    It is actually quite a good night, isn’t it? Glad people had fun, and I hope that the next one’s one we can both go to.

  2. I was impressed with your astral abilities!

    With anyluck the dates’ll work sometime and we can both go, even if you did miss the pirate theme.

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