Up and Down

I’m pretty up and down today. Still haven’t heard from my driving instructor, I was going to ask her if she’d keep teaching me provided I got some practice in other than with her. Of course it doesn’t look as if being able to get that practice is going to happen. Seriously, anyone who has an insurance company that would let them put me on as a provisional license holder so I can get some practice, please tell me! (I think I have asked everyone now but just in case I haven’t, and I do understand everyone who couldn’t.)

I keep going over and over in my head for things that I could do. Over and over with all the things that I need a driving license to be able to do, primarily amongst these things is the teaching. When I thought I was going to take the test at the beginning of July I thought that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t going to pass because I’d take a second test and pass that during the summer holidays leaving me with a driving license in time for September. Half the jobs I’ve been applying for I’d need a driving license to get to, it has me wondering of course whether thats the reason I’ve not been getting jobs. No license. Not that I think thats particularly been a question asked anywhere.

I’m really stressed out. I’ve always been someone who cries far too easily at everything but right now tears are just everywhere and my back aches (a sure sign of stress). I keep trying to think of things to make stuff better. I just seem to be failing this year. My Gentleman Friend might have sorted me some practice (I do hope so) but I have no way of knowing right now if that actually makes anything better or not.

Oh and the nurse at the asthma clinic is concerned that the glandular fever may have affected my lungs. I’m not having a very lucky few months just recently am I? Bound to improve soon though.

I just wish I wasn’t so damn worried.

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