The meaning Of Life

According to my Manly Viking the meaning of life is contained in your 42nd ever LJ entry, in which case mine is:

Just Once

I knew when you told me that there was something big,
I knew when you mentioned it that there was something,
That, like all things,
Would stop any dream from coming through.
Just once I would like to say to you,
And then do it.

I can’t currently access my 42nd ever blog entry (due to my file not being readable by my mac or something…
The 42nd one since this diary’s archive begins is:

“You can’t have a polyamorous relationship…it’s not in the dictionary”

Apparently the word isn’t in the dictionary.

Oh well english occaisionally sucks and sometimes Americans from San Francisco make up words. Anyway. Polyamoury etc etc. no it can’t be a real word I can’t decide how to spell it. What am I , the queen of distrust for relationships doing in such a thing?

I fell in love. He, eventually, decided that loving me back was a good idea. But really, could we do monogamous? Theres a reason that on my shelf lies ‘The myth of Monogamy’, not too fond of exclusive either, we love each other we don’t want to own each other.

However, I don’t want to do random sex. I haven’t done random sex (except by accident) for a couple of years now. So realistically an open relationship doesn’t cover it. I do do lovers though, and my lovers are, well like everyone has been telling me for a while now, kinda like very light relationships without much in loveness and commitment.

So what am I doing? Being in love, having a boyfriend and loving everyone who turns up just like I always have.

What is a polyamorous relationship? One which we don’t mind sharing.

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