Trit-trot, trit-trot

I’m off back to the Green County for a bit. My elder cousin is getting married (nope I’m not a bridesmaid this time round, that’s in December).

I’ve been a bit down recently. Actually I just seem to be gradually sinking further and further down. Poor old Jellicle and my Gentleman Friend are baring the brunt of my bad moods, so I hope they enjoy a weekend without my incomprehensible clouds. I have rather let things get on top of me since the glandular fever so hopefully I’ll be getting back to doing all my bits and pieces soon.

At the moment I have to say it does feel like I’m trying to climb a mountain in the middle of hayfever season. Also the mountain appears to be made of glass and I left the ice-picks back home.

At least this wedding won’t be in a church.

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