People have been confusing the poor Jellicle by asking him when to come over on Sunday, turn up from around two. I’ll be in all day, so leave when it’s over. Bring meat, there will be some on hand but I’m providing bread, sauces and sweets (oh, and the barbeques)!

9 thoughts on “Barbeque

  1. Looking forward to it, I reckon we’ll have quite an appetite after an energetic morning of YS prop work! šŸ™‚

  2. Energetic? No one told me that! I thought it would be a sedate weekend of flower pressing and iced tea in the shade :O

    Maybe I should leave the flowery dress and parasol at home this coming weekend.

  3. Nah, Mish will be wearing the flowery dress, sitting in the shade under the parasol and sipping the iced tea, whilst we get stuck into some landscaping!

    Well, she’s got the figure for it… šŸ˜‰

  4. A euphemism for gardening? Oh bother… this means I don’t get to see Manly Viking’s rythmic action again… I totally thought it meant something else, and I really like it in the mornings too…

  5. I had a great time getting stuck in with that, it’s all about keeping a solid and regular beat to the pounding, eventually it just gives up and cracks. Especially useful on that older section, it needed a good pummeling.

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