I honestly don’t think I’m making particularly good judgements at the moment. About anything.

I feel like I’m desperately trying to make everything ok for – well pretty much anyone excluding myself. I really appreciate everyone who has come round and hugged me or talked to me or listened to me rant and everyone who is coming round tomorrow afternoon that offer is still open and you’ll be welcome to watch the other half of 24 hour party people (albeit without the helpful Foo commentary).

However, this morning on a mission for BBM and Maths Quaker it suddenly occurred to me, this is not my way of dealing with things. This is me trying to make various people and for various different reasons feel better about all sorts of different things, and the thing is I need some time out. Just in order to reassure some people I’m not talking about the Mish-patented ‘lets run away for a bit so I don’t have to cope right here’, I’m not about to get on a bus, train or plane anywhere. However, I need some time out on my own not concentrating on making someone else feel good, so probably not going to be the most social bunny for a while.

After that do expect normal Mish service to resume, just need some time to get my centre back up and running. And I need to find a moor or blasted heath or something.

One thought on “Mish-time

  1. You know, I can totally relate to that. I’ve been thinking of finding myself some nice, empty-of-people type spot. Downtime is good! I love being so close to the seafront. Some time by the sea has been a favourite for years.

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