As A Writer

So, nanowrimo is eating my life, not my time mind but my life. I sometimes think that I put my friends through a lot. At the moment I know I’m putting them through a lot, I’m very much in my head at this point and theres still ten days to go.

I’m not entirely sure any of my emotional responses over the last few days have been justified or entirely real… actually I’m becoming slightly confused as to where real is actually located. I know I become odd whilst writing but this month I think I’ve been very… no scratch that… incredibly odd. My ‘self’ seems to have jumped on the spider-lights and stretched itself in every single direction known to man and theres a little kid in there giggling and asking me why I never knew her name before even though it was obvious.

In combination my psyche, my role-playing characters and this novel are pulling me all over the place and this is some ride… ‘cept of course whilst I’m riding I need to try and maintain some awareness of the outside world, I put you guys, my friends through a lot, I wish I didn’t but theres this demon inside me that demands I keep on writing.

An apology sounds so meaningless at this point. I will keep trying to do better though.

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