Got A Cold

Am spending the morning so far hallucinating various things including a pornographic Archer’s soundtrack which led me to believe that the Jellicle had left his green box open… more disturbing are the people in black robes doing the timewarp chanting ‘now you know why it’s all your fault’.

Have decided I’m going to have to ring BBM and tell him I can’t do his kitchen today.

Have just spent the last ten minutes watching pink silk flowers bouncing up and down to the rythmn of the Totoro theme music…am discovering Japanese voices are very soothing. My back keeps aching and whenever I lie on the floor the ceiling starts flapping.

I’m getting some top quality cold germs here.

3 thoughts on “Got A Cold

  1. Dang…all I am getting so far is the runny nose, and feeling a bit under the weather.

    No worries on today’s gardening shift, I just hope you are feeling chipper enough for CoC tomorrow!

    Take care.

  2. Er…don’t take this the wrong way, but please don’t come over tonight!

    Take care and get well soon. If you do, there will be a ginger cake.

  3. Sex and the Archers? It’s not even Sunday…

    I’ve got to say, that’s an uncommon cold you have there. I’ve never had hallucinations with colds. Just annoying coughs that won’t go away. 🙁

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