Solstice Weekend

So, I didn’t celebrate Mother Night this year because I too knackered and all heathened out by events on Tuesday. I did, as is my wont, celebrate the astrological solstice and it was kind of nice because I got to do it with FJ and Princess Lex. This weekend, though, started on Friday with a magical ritual in my front room which was pretty damn heavy on the heathenry… I have of late become involved with a fair few Heathen gods, at least partly because of all the pantheons they seem to be the ones who are the most active around here (oh I’m not discounting the romano-british deities that I know some people are involved with but you look around at the majority even of non-heathens and there’s been some contact at least) but I feel a need to reconnect with my patrons, to ground myself, I get caught up in things, especially of a magical bent to the exclusion of more social things and a lot of the time it’s not my style of thing at all. I’m no longer feeling the curiousity that prompted me to try anything once… or rather I am but I’ve gone to heathen blots and symbls and I know that that’s not me. I’ll happily nick the symbl toast order as part of a Wiccan ritual but more and more my own religion is reinforced within me by exposure to other peoples.

Friday night was more concerned with magic, and, as the book ‘Teenage Witchcraft’ reminded me (it quotes me – and I’m INDEXED) I am about the spirituality of Wicca, the fact that I had two very non religious people at my Solstice ritual doesn’t make a difference to that. I’m about the religion and the meaning behind it, the spiritual side of things and the solstice is about a fire in the darkness and lighting that fire with those closest to you. So to Saturday.

My Saturday began with the alarm at 5:30 reminding me I intended to orgasm for peace… and I did as did the Jellicle in fact…at pretty much dead on 6:08. Oh yes, timing my orgasms gets easier. Then I went back to sleep and at around 9am started the very timing oriented day (I was cooking full on Turkey and Trimmings dinner – it wasn’t quite military precision, this being me, but it wasn’t too far off). It was about half three when the four of us sat down to dinner after chopping, stirring and a hell of a lot of tidying – I love my Jellicle Cat very much. I was pretty damn chuffed with dinner, there were sauces and two types of carnivore stuffing as well as a veggie one for Princess Lex.

Opening the presents was so much fun, we did it at the dinner table and it was a lot more relaxed than it tends to be at home. My favourite presents have to be the ginger chocolate that the Jellicle got me and the collar from FJ…so fantastic. I feel like it’s boxing day today because yesterday was sooo ‘christmas’! I did enjoy my religious bit, I do get worried sometimes that I’m forcing my religion on those people around me but yesterday I didn’t. We burnt last years solstice wreath and made another then we toasted with FJ’s mulled wine. It was kind of perfect.

I then took a break from the serious religious overtones of the day to be employed as a stripper for a local stag-do, poor Blackhurst Swainson!

Back to the Solstice I walked with Princess Lex and unfortunately my darling Jellicle Cat was feeling unwell, we managed four episodes of the intended Laine marathon before he succumbed. I finished the day with FJ,cigars and brandy under the moon in the very frosty backyard. Unbelievably perfect.

Today has been lazy for me… Lexy and FJ cleaned my kitchen! (GUILT!) The Jellicle vanished to play Go and then returned to turkey sandwiches and Monopoly which was a freaky Star Wars Monopoly but still Monopoly…it’s so Boxing Day today!

I can’t wait for Christmas proper this has been such a good weekend.

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  1. It was a very good solstice 🙂 And once I got started on the kitchen, it seemed silly to stop. Consider it a thank-you for the lovely meal.
    Same time next year? 🙂

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