I love dancing. I don’t know how best to express how much I love dancing. It makes me feel so completely free and happy and, just…oh I don’t know. Mother-In-Law described to me the other week a situation where it sounded like she was achieving nirvana through dancing and I could really get that. Last night at the Dark Side I felt as if I was flying. It felt like those nights when I had just got back from Japan and there was the Dark Side waiting for me to let me dance and make me feel as if I were on ni-chome again. The Jellicle might hate dance music but I don’t, I really don’t, though give me glow sticks I can wear rather than hold! He looks very cute whilst doing his ‘hard-core’ dancing.

I’m sure I’ve come across the idea somewhere or other that knowing the DJ gives you cool points…I’m not entirely convinced that my friendship with the Non Poncey Goth gives me cool points, possibly it gives me added geek points. However I really, really liked knowing the DJ last night because he played the Picard Song and you should have seen the SMILE on Mother-In-Law’s face. I am amused at knowing the NPG, come the summer I will have known him for five years, life extends so strangely at times.

So here’s nirvana, dancing, love and happiness all wrapped into one, all wrapped up into the enthusiasm with which I hugged the NPG last night after he came up and asked if I was happy with his set. I think he must have thought I was drunk, hardly, a couple of sips of Magners does not a drunk Mish make. But high on the lights, the sounds, the people in a way I haven’t been for ages. I can’t help but touch when I am happy, touch and extend ever infinitely onwards through the spider lights and through the smiles and the smiles which glow through the darkness.

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