RIP Jade Goody

Lets face it she did everything in public and I admire that. Her poor lads though with Mother’s Day today.

One thought on “RIP Jade Goody

  1. I’ve done as much in public as well – there’s a difference between shoving it in people’s faces and not hiding it.

    But yeah, I admire her approach to her impending death. As tasteless and tacky as much of it seems to us, she’s managed to do something no amount of public health campaigns can do: persuaded low-income, low-education working class women to actually get screened for cervical cancer – proportionately, they were the lowest demographic group for taking it up.

    She knew she was going to die, and used that death to save lives (as well as providing for her sons in the best way she really could, given her background). You’ve got to respect that.

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