I hate being ill, really hate it, and because of that I probably make it ten times worse. What I should have done, feeling sniffly and icky on Saturday night, is curled up in bed…or popped my head around The Cult’s housewarming and then popped back. (Did you notice that FJ, M-i-L, The Goat and Aunty Iris got a group nickname?) Then spent Sunday taking it easy.

What I did was chug lemsip max strength capsules like there was no tomorrow and flash everyone as much as possible at the party. As a side note…I still can’t help myself, wearing indecent skirts and no bra fills me with the urge to flash and dare people to take me seriously whilst dressing and acting like a total hussy. There’s something about the urge to tell people to listen to the words and pay less attention to the attention grabbing outer package. Not entirely sure what it is.

Then I got up early on Sunday morning to make enough hanami food for thirty people and set up a picnic in the park below the sakura. I called Mum as it was Mother’s Day and she thought I was mad…at that point I agreed with her because I was once again chugging the pills and hot lemon, usually I’d have laughed. I really do enjoy cooking for large amounts of people and sharing food with them. The Jellicle contests that this is clearly service sub behaviour but for me it’s got nothing to do with anything even mildly D/s. There is no power exchange in my liking to make food for people…BBF’s words come back to haunt me…there might be some nurturing instinct there but I like my power exchanges to be consensual and negotiated!

Then on Monday I headed out to an inter-faith meeting in Kendal. This was a mistake, my head was pounding and I felt nauseous throughout. It was alright though, I didn’t do too bad for the Pagan Fed…probably.

The last thing I wanted to do on Tuesday was host a 21st birthday party. But I couldn’t bear to let the Girl with Golden Hair down, I did compromise though and let Bilbo take her round the Butterfly House without me. Spent the morning looking at the house rather than tidying it and spent most of the party in a daze of painkillers. Did manage to bake around 70 cakes though! (Little ones) Also managed to be mildly surprised about how jam-packed the GwGH managed to make her birthday cake! Then I left the party to go do a cameo in a roleplaying game and came back before it ended…I’m feeling pretty good about that party.

Finally I crashed, for most of Wednesday and much of today. I hate being ill, I hate not getting things done, mostly I really hate letting people down or not getting to do the fun things that I want to do…but this week is too full so no cocktail party this evening and no going down the Bobbin to see Crystalline Theory. Eventually ill Mishes run out of energy. This I do not like and as soon as I can work out a way around this I shall do.

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