Being Unfair

Just…cannot believe how much everything happens at once.

I mean, seriously. Also…how annoying am I being in not making clear what I’m talking about? Sorry – there are personal, social and legal reasons for me not to…oh gods…

I’m being massively unfair to some of my friends because I’m over-reacting to everything but when they talk about the straw that broke the camel’s back they seem to miss out on the many many straws that will gather together to break the camel’s back, legs, neck and leave gratuitous bruising everywhere.

It may help for people to know that not only am I being unfair to other people my body is also being unfair to me.

Warning this next little bit is about SEX! Don’t read on unless you want to!

So, last night, there is sex, the sex is good, the sex is enjoyable and I’m getting into it and orgasm is so almost there…when…it starts to hurt – not much, just a bit, enough for me to request a little slower, a little….and then it’s a matter of moving the hell away from the big nasty penis-monster which is *hurting* – I hasten to add that nothing changed in what he was doing and thrusting penis inside vagina is usually a recipe for a happy Mish!

In anycase I *HURT* and am starting to kind of cramp-up, I’m panting and sweating and crying from the pain of it all, which is coming in waves, and the muscles that are cramping…rythymically…are *THOSE* muscles. Eventually it subsides, I’m laying there, clutching my lower tummy and my bits, kind of panting looking up at the ceiling and thinking my way through what just happened.
Physically, everything seemed to be doing the same thing as it does when I come. Now I do come from sensory overload, and what with experiments with pure capsicum and having had previous injuries pushed during sex before I am aware that I can orgasm from pain (I just prefer not to, y’know, because it hurts). However, that was not what just happened. I was having a very nice time up until I started cramping up…just to make sure I went to the bathroom to check that Lopez and his threads were still in place…and came to the conclusion from the physical evidence that I had indeed achieved some sort of orgasm.

Except it didn’t feel at all nice. It felt really, really horrible. It hurt and I cannot express to you how much it hurt. Paingasm. Not nice at all.
Also, I have no idea what caused it. Thoughts welcomed!

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