Language and Understanding

So basically the reason that atheists don’t believe in gods and that they continually misunderstand those of us who do is because they have no poetry in their souls.

Yeah today one of the ‘but it’s so obvious and logical’ bunch pissed me off by questioning my beliefs and then consistently refusing to argue with what I actually believed and then demonstrating how right she was by ‘proving’ the things she thought I believed weren’t true.

Later on one of my favourite atheists demonstrated his inability to understand meaning behind words in an only slightly more amusing manner.

I’m fed up of having discussions about numen and being listened to by people who are seemingly going out of their way to not listen poetically but rather to listen about material.

Likely I would imagine they are fed up of having conversations prosaically and having to listen to all the poetic fluff when they want to discover the material in the numinous.

2 thoughts on “Language and Understanding

  1. I’ve noticed some odd similarities between Dawkinsian atheism and conservative evangelical Christianity. They both seem to believe that anyone who encounters the divine in a way of which they don’t approve is either stupid or evil.

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