Second Day As A Vegan Completed

Ran half a marathon and ate bananas and chips. Also chocolate, really good chocolate.

I enjoy running, it makes me energised now that I’m feeling better (ie. not in the depths of post-viral fatigue), my spoon levels are still variable but most days now I wake up with renewable spoons or if they aren’t I can tell that they aren’t. Borrowing spoons from the future is still dodgy ground but conserving spoons from the past actually seems to work.

The half-marathon left me with energy which was wonderful, but because I’m used to taking things slow and alternating running and walking I didn’t warm up especially carefully which, when I ran solidly as far as mile four ended up cramping my legs. So I didn’t hit my aimed for time (2 hours 30, but I was only ten minutes off and faster than last year).

My willpower, which seems to be spoon-powered is apparently still not totally back so I’m relying on attention to keep it powered. I love that so many of my friends sent so many texts to encourage me through the run today and it works really well; that and me telling myself that if I got through it I could go to the roleplaying games that LURPs were running today. Then the Jellicle bought me chips that I could eat which was awesome (I very nearly accepted a mars bar offered at the end of the run but then remembered that I couldn’t!) – oh yeah some vegan food is delightfully unhealthy. Hurrah!

I think the vegan challenge is giving me an excuse to remember to think about what I’m doing foodwise which is one of the reasons I wanted to do it so I’m happy with that.

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