Gender Euphoria

Gender Euphoria, I’ve had different trans people tell me different things about whether cis people can feel Gender Euphoria because usually we’re in places that are affirming we are the gender we are.

That’s usually true, but I find that because of this or inspite of this there are place where I love being a woman and I really feel it. I love being in women only spaces. Girl Guides when I was growing up but then as I got older Women’s Retreats and lesbian weekends have filled that void.

Then we have Girl’s Nights. I honestly love them, maybe it’s some sort of function of growing up in a patriarchal society that makes me love hanging out with Girls Only, there’s a restful space where we are just girls.

This is a photo of me with long hair (yes I’m growing it back) playing with a friend’s hair and there’s something about that that really happily connects me back with my gender. This is me, feeling pretty damn euphoric about being a girl doing girl stuff with a friend.

Gender Euphoria
The Hairmanity!

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